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Friends of Wolf Run Inc.
was officially incorporated as a
501(c)3 Non Profit organization

on May 2, 2005.
(Though we have been active in the watershed since 1997)

If you would like to join in the effort, please let us know by completing our interest survey.

Board of Trustees:

  • Lisa Collins, President
    Springs Branch, Harrodsburg Rd.
  • Bruce Hutcheson, Immediate Past President
    Athenia Drive (Cardinal Run)
    Jean Watts, Vice President,
  • Cardinal Lane, (Springs Branch)
  • Frances Stokes, CPA, Treasurer
    Rose Mill Area (Hill-N-Dale Creek)
  • Ken Cooke, Secretary
    Cardinal Lane (Springs Branch)

Science Advisory:

  • Dr. Julian Campbell, Science Advisor, Botonist, Allendale Nursery Coordinator
  • Tricia Coakley, Science Advisor, Microbiologist, Laboratory Manager
  • Margaret Shanks, Science Advisor* Southland Area Retired KYDOW Soil Scientist
  • Will Overbeck, Science Advisor, Plant Ecologist
  • Russ Turpin, Science Advisor,Landscape, Rain Gardens, Bioengineering
  • Tracy Knowles, Science Advisor, Environmental Chemist, BCTC
  • Jean Watts, Science Advisor, Wetland Ecology BCTC
  • Terry Foody, Community Health Impact Project, Public Health Issues
  • Dr. John Poundstone, Community Health Impact Project, Public Health
  • Tim Joice, KWA Stormwater BMP Geographic Information Systems
  • Dr. Amanda Gumbert, Science Advisor, Stream Buffer Restoration
  • Dr. Carmen Argouridis, Science Advisor, Stream Restoration
  • Dr. David Price, Water Quality Monitoring'/Field Equipment
  • Scott Southhall, Landscape Archetect, Stormwater Systems
  • Dr.Tom Kimmerrer, Science Advisor, Forest Ecology

Restoration Contractors:

  • Gary Libby, Skybax Ecological Restoration Projects Contractor
  • Jack Dickey, Restoration Projects Contractor
  • David Leachman, Leachman Landscape Design, Restoration Project Contractor

Key Restoration Stewards:

  • Wendy Havens, Key Steward, Port Royal Neighborhood Greenways
  • Ann Bowe, Key Steward WPGL Neighborhood Greenways
  • Jennifer Erena, Key Steward, Bob-O-Link Drive Greenways
  • Scott Smouse, Key Steward, Versailles Road Project Area
  • Layton Register, Key Steward, Clay's Mill Greenway
  • Laurie Fields, Key Steward, Picadome Neighborhood, Lafayette Southbend Area
  • Karen Hudson, Key Steward, Pine Meadow area
  • Christy Cartner, Twin Oaks Neighborhood, Springs Branch Area
  • Jerome Higginbotham, Key Steward, Deauville Drive Greenway
  • Lanna M. Button, Key Steward, Wolf Run Park, Della Drive
  • Susan Spalding, Key Steward, Gardenside Park Neighborhood

Water Quality Monitoring Team:

  • Bob Edwards, Past President, Pollutant Source Tracking Task Force Chair* Gardenside Area
  • Curtis Jones, Pollution Source Tracking Task Force, Supervising Sampler, Past VP
  • Brandon Bell, Roanoke Drive Area
  • Sandy Conners, McConnells Branch area
  • Mark Felice, Vaughn's Branch, Spring Hill Drive area.
  • John Dempsey, Lafayette Parkway Area
  • Anita Dennis, Allendale Greenway Area
  • Robert Garnham, Old Frankfort Pike Area
  • Ellen Hannifan, Gardenside Branch, Cardinal Run
  • Keith Harding, McConnell Springs Area
  • Bethany Overfield, Upper Wolf Run Area
  • Annie and Steve Shannon, McConnell's Branch
  • Kevin Hutcheson, Herpitology Studies
  • Bruce Hutcheson, Sampler, Technologist

Agency Contacts:

  • Melissa McCallaster, Kentucky River Authority
  • Susan Plueger, Division of Environmetnal Policy, 319h Grant Administrator
  • Brooke Shireman, Kentucky Division of Water, 319h Grant Administrator
  • Daniel Bishop, Kentucky Division of Water, 319h Grant Administrator
  • Chris Dent, LFUCG Division of Water Quality, Water Quality Incentive Grants
  • Ben Krebs, LFUCG Division of Water Quailty, Stream Buffer Restoration Project
  • Keith Lovan, LFUCG Division of Engineering, Greenway Restoration Projects
  • Chris Cooperrider, LFUCG Parks, Parks, Wateway/Wetland Restoration Projects
  • Michael Lorton, LFUCG Parks, Natural Areas Restoration Projects
  • Laurie Thomas, LFUCG Parks, McConnell Springs Operations
  • Tim Query, LFUCG Urban Forester, Tree Planting Campaigns
  • Mark York, LFUCG Division of Environmental Policy, Great American Cleanup
  • Hilary Baumann, Southland Association Liason
  • Paula Singer, Friends of Versailles Rd. Liason
  • Harry Clarke, LFUCG Council Member 10th District
  • Peggy Henson, LFUCG Council Member 11th District
  • Diane Lawless, LFUCG Council Member 3rd District

How we are organized

We are an all volunteer organization. (We have no paid staff other than contractors carrying out specific projects)

Membership in Friends of Wolf Run is open to any individual with an interest in the watershed. There are no dues for membership. The only requirement is that you provide your contact information to the secretary of the organization so you can receive notices of meetings and events.

The Board of Trustees is formed from the executive officers elected by the membership at our annual meeting.
By-laws of Friends of Wolf Run Adopted May 18, 2005

Friends of Wolf Run is funded through various grants and project awards that have included funding from the Kentucky River Authority, LFUCG, US EPA, The Kentucky Division of Water, Private Foundations such as Kentucky American Water, Toyota Together Green, Audubon Society,

The Friends of Wolf Run sponsors the Wolf Run Watershed Council along with LFUCG Division of Environmental Policy, consisting of representative individuals and groups working to improve the watershed. The Wolf Run Watershed Council advises LFUCG and the organization's Board of Trustees on carrying out the Wolf Run Watershed Management Plan along with policy and action items. For more information on the Wolf Run Watershed Management Plan, visit this link.

Friends of Wolf Run Receive Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission's 2006 Earth Day Award
Pictured right to left: Ryan Slack, Vice President, Lyndell Ormsbee, EQC Chair, Bob Edwards, 2005 President, Frances Stokes, Treasurer, Judy Mahaffy, Public Affairs Director, Ken Cooke, Secretary.

Below: 2006-2007 President Lisa Collins (Second from right) receives
Lexington Environmental Commission Award for Friends Of Wolf Run

Below 2011 Planning Team

For more information, contact
Friends of Wolf Run